Moksha Tattoo Studio does not pay any remuneration/commission to any agent/taxi drivers

Do not depend on any false information given by any agent/taxi driver. Kindly confirm and get your queries solved by contacting us on our contacts provided or visiting our branch by accessing the location on the Google maps.

If you like our work and want to connect with us you can contact us directly or can also walk-in to our branch.


A kind request to all the followers and customers of Moksha Tattoo Studio; do not depend on the false information given by any agents/taxi drivers as they might drop you to a place where they get commission, which might lend you at a wrong place and in the wrong hands.

If our work has won your hearts and you choose Moksha Tattoo Studio kindly contact us directly or can also walk-in to our branch. We do not have any agents, kindly book your appointments directly with us on our contacts provided.

I would like to narrate one incident which took place where a client told a taxi driver to drop him at Moksha Tattoo Studio. When they arrived the taxi driver approached us and asked for commission, to which we refused. So the taxi driver informed the customer falsely and misguided him and dropped him at a nearby tattoo shop where he got a commission. Result of which he landed at a wrong place.

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