:-(A) one who is already a tattoo artist.

for them we have advanced level of professional tattoo training course for which the time period is one month. In that we teach all tattooing techniques from beginning to end, with certificate from Moksha Tattoo Studio, For the professional qualified Award winning Tattoo artist  Mukesh Waghela himself personally teaches every student about the whole tattoo technique. This course costs you One Lakh rupees  (₹1,00,000) for one month.

(B) The other course is for beginners this course is for a period of three months.

In this course Mukesh Waghela teaches from the basic to advanced level of tattooing. Apart from tattooing Mukesh Waghela also teaches business marketing, studio setup, client cronsultation, digital art, drawing, sketching and Hygiene standard related training. After completing the course we give a certificate which is signed by Mukesh Waghela, grading from (A,B,C) as per the students performance and this course fees are rupees ₹1,80,000. If the payment is made in one time we offer you a price of ₹1,70,000. If paid in break up of 2, we charge ₹1,80,000.

If paid in break up of 3, we charge ₹1,90,000. We do not provide food and accommodation for the students, we can help you and suggest accommodation near by the Studio or accommodate with other students on sharing basis. (C) Class timings – 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM with 1 hour lunch break and Sunday is a holiday for the student. Training sessions will Conducted by Mukesh Waghela the owner of Moksha Tattoo Studio. Thank you!


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