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shiva tattoo


Shiva tattoo

Dedicating this piece of art to our Lord Shiva, the supreme god, the destroyer of evil, the lord of meditation, yoga, time and dance. His numerous forms encompass every possible quality that the human mind can and cannot imagine. Some are wild and fierce. Some are enigmatic. Others are endearing and charming. From Bholenath to the fearsome Kalbhairav, from the beautiful Somasundara to the deadly Aghora- Shiva embraces every possibility, remaining untouched by it all.

It took 11 hours to complete this stunning tattoo by Mukesh Waghela best tattoo artist in Goa India, client was happy having it done from Moksha Tattoo Studio the best tattoo studio in Goa India.

There is a story behind this beautiful creation:

“The other day client visited the studio with an existing tattoo design by another artist. But I always feel that its better to create an original piece of art. Although, the client insisted to have the same concept to be taken as a reference.

Thus, we took the inspiration from the same concept but modified it by changing the body structure of Lord Shiva, the overall temple and the Trishul and tried creating it in oriental style.”

It was a great session, I hope you guys like it.  We would love to have your feedback 🙂

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