Ornamental Tattoo Done By Mukesh Waghela At Moksha Tattoo Studio Goa India

This Ornamental Tattoo is done by Mukesh Waghela at Moksha Tattoo Studio Goa India.

It took 5 hours to complete this stunning Ornamental Tattoo.

Tattoos are believed to be represented by a symbol which strongly defines their personality.

Ornamental Art has its origins in the Roman Empire and consisted of decorative patterned Art motifs that can be found in a vast number of different areas.

As the name itself says it includes tattoo designs as ornaments worn on a body.

Ornamental Art is timeless in essence and can incorporate singular Art images amongst intricate free flowing tattoo design patterns.

Client’s review –  Excellent service & finishing! The best Tattoo in Goa

Did Tattoo for me & my wife

Mukesh & Marc rocks

Vinit / Priyanka

Moksha Tattoo Studio Goa India.

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Ornamental Tattoo by Mukesh Waghela at Moksha Tattoo Studio Goa India.

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