We turn your scars into stars. 

We turn your scars into stars.

Even imperfection can have its ideal or perfect state. There is a kind of beauty in every imperfection. And we think every imperfection adds to your beauty!

During my visit to mumbai for our clients tattoo, I met a depressed lady who had inquired in 3 different tattoo studios if they could hide her Belly scars with a tattoo! Mr. Sunny Bhanushali Aliens TattooMumbai Offered me to do a tattoo for her. She being a bit shaken as she was told at 3 different tattoo studios that her scars could not be hidden with a tattoo was afraid that how it would look! And Then the & hours nailbiting session began!!! When the tattoo was complete her joy had no bounds! And she being overjoyed gave me immense pleasure of seeing our client so happy for our work. Im glad that I could be a part of her happiness. Still there were more details left but Seeing our client in pain made me give the finishing for the tattoo. We think that there is no better feeling than the movement of life inside you, dosnt matter if it leaves some marks behind. We are happy to fix them for you.
Kudos to all the ladies and specially the mothers out there!!!
We turn your scars into stars. Come fall in love with your scars.

Scar Coverup Tattoo Tattoo done by Tattoo artistMukesh Waghela at Moksha Tattoo Studio Goa India. Owner Of Moksha Tattoo Studio Mukesh Waghela book your appointment
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