Irrfan Khan Tattoo By Mukesh Waghela at Goa Tattoo Seminar.

Dedicating this piece of art to great actor Irrfan Khan

Goa Tattoo and Piercing Seminar was indeed a great success. Together with the world-renowned Vikas Malani and our legendary Guest Tattoo artists Ripz Basak, Tenzin, Rahul Gaikwad, Sachin Sherekar, Sudipto Biswas, and Gauriishankar Mistri. We are glad we were able to share our knowledge and skills, not only with our tattooing and piercing techniques but also in career building and business advice.

This seminar was made possible with the help of our sponsor Capital tattoo supply which launched its own branded product Dermacare India.

It was such a joyful moment for everyone that participated in the seminar as they got to meet and learn the biggest names in the industry, plus they got to take home some goodies too!

I would like to thank every participant of this event especially our sponsor and Guest artists, a special thanks to my dear friend Sunny Bhanushali, who flew specially from Mumbai to Goa just to meet everyone at the seminar and gave his valuable advice, really appreciate you giving us your time in spite of your busy schedule, you made this seminar a memorable one! I hope you all enjoyed the seminar and apply the things that you learned from us.

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Irrfan Khan Tattoo
Irrfan Khan Tattoo By Mukesh Waghela at Goa Tattoo Seminar.
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