India’s best tattoo studios

Looking for a really good tattoo parlour in India? We select the sharpest needles in town for your inking endeavours
Moksha Tattoo Studio. But since you can’t try before you buy, it’s pretty important to find the right artist before going under the needle.

Luckily, there are loads of ace tattoo studios in India, from iconic spots to tiny parlours you’ve probably never heard of, which means enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting an inking. Whether you’re looking for traditional or tribal art, portraiture or watercolour, here’s our pick of India’s best tattoo studios.

Moksha Tattoo Studio

The light contemporary space at Moksha is somewhat typical of Hackney stores, but very unlike traditional tattoo studios – and that’s exactly why it’s so appealing. The vibe at Moksha Tattoo is classic tattooing meets East End art gallery, and the designs are clean and original. The resident artists each specialise in different genres, including traditional, illustration and geometric, and have their own merch too.

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