Goa Tattoo Moksha:Tattoo Life January/February 2018

Goa Tattoo Moksha:Tattoo Life January/February 2018.

This is how it’s been for three times now: Best Tattoo Artist Award is issued after the Goa Tattoo Festival always provides a focus on all the best that was seen during this event, which is very popular in the Goa tattoo community. Organizing the Goa Tattoo Festival and serving as its artistic guide are experiences which spur me on to discover what the very latest is, in today’s tattoo sector.


Moksha Tattoo: I am a pure post traditional tattooist

It’s always fun to discover what attitudes tattooists have about the great art and tattoo masters. Because as you listen to them talk, you can see which interesting aspects have definitely influenced their work. This is exactly what happened when we spoke with Mukesh waghela Tattoo Artist Goa, a great interpreter of traditional.

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