Elvis Presley Portrait Tattoo executed by using Mukesh Waghela At Tattoo Seminar, Moksha Tattoo Studio Goa India.

This superb Portrait of Elvis Presley is carried out by way of Mukesh Waghela at primary To boost Tattoo Seminar 2 Hosted with the aid of Mukesh Waghela and Moksha Tattoo Studio at Calangute Goa India on 12th & 13th August 2019.

It took 7hours for this beautiful tattoo, this become a live tattoo at the seminar wherein the students learnt from a live tattoo, elevating their queries and finding their answers through tattoo.
It changed into a completely a hit seminar and we hope all the techniques and secrets and techniques that the scholars have learnt be fruitful and assist them improve their work and supply a lift to their careers.

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