Fallon Vendetta: I wish you a happy New Year 2018! – Goa Tattoo Moksha

Fallon Vendetta: I wish you a happy New Year 2018! – Goa Tattoo Moksha.

Let’s go to the discovery of the wonderful tattooed models that will cheer us the next twelve months of the year. First step: the Blood On The Dance Floor singer

Model, singer in Blood On The Dance Floor, actress, producer etc. Fallon Vendetta isn’t only one of our beloved testimonials for the 2018 Tattoo Life Calendar. She is simply larger than life, truly tattoos passionate and heart mother. During this interview we try to know something more about her…

Where does it come from your stage name Fallon Vendetta?
Fallon is my real first name. Vendetta came from the idea that success is the best revenge, also from the fact that my family is my everything and I will do whatever it takes to protect and provide for them. Plus I do a lot of special FX work and it just sounds bad ass… That persona is way cooler then I am!

Is this your first time ever to be featured on a calendar?
The 2018 Tattoo Life Calendar is not the first calendar I have been a part of, however I couldn’t be more excited about it. Tattoo Life is a wonderful publication, I am honored to grace the pages with such amazing women, and to have shot with Christian Saint.

What does it mean tattoos for you?
Tattoos for me are almost like a scrapbook or passport. To me they are a representation of things that make me feel. Some are just silly things because why not, others are things that symbolize a time or place in my life, something I never want to forget. Something I can truly have until the end.

Why a huge octopus on your right shoulder?
The tattoos on my arms are geared toward my family, the left arm mainly my mother, the right for my father. My father passed away about 10 years ago now from suicide. It was rather tragic and unexpected. I decided to honour his memory with a piece reflecting the time we spent on the ocean. The peonies on my shoulders are for my grandmother. The left arm is symbolic of my mothers life as a ballerina.

You have your two children portraits tattooed on the inner side of both arms: what do they think of their mommy’s many tattoos?
Yeah, I have tattoos on my inner arms of my son and my daughter. I swore for the longest time that I wasn’t going to tattoo my arms, only because it made a challenge for working in the acting and modelling industry, at the time. I tattooed a picture of them both at the age of four, so they could stay my babies forever. I decided on the inner arm location because no matter how far I had to go or be away for work they were always close to my heart. The kids are actually very proud I have them. They get very excited about it.

Who is that guy answering the phone on your right thigh?
My right thigh I have a tattoo of PeeWee Herman. My daughter wanted me to get something that makes her laugh, as many of my tattoos have a creepy or horror feel. I agreed and said I would get a tattoo of something that made me laugh a lot at her age too. So for her I have Strawbarry from ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ I’m quite surprised how many people recognize that. I loved the character of PeeWee so much!

I remember thinking this guy is silly, creative, not afraid to be himself, always had crazy adventures, felt very relate able to my rather interesting upbringing.

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